Codpieces have long been one of the most fascinating things about Renaissance fashion for me. The fact that they were the essential punk fashion during the Renaissance in Europe enchanted me. They have a long and changing history, which makes them that much more interesting!

In case you haven’t guessed, this week’s episode of A Short History was all about the codpiece in armor. As a bonus, I recorded some codpiece facts I didn’t get to use in my video. My favorite fact was one I only discovered while creating this video: There is probably a connection between Syphilis and the use of codpieces! Fascinating. It really put some images in context for me.

Avert thine Eyes!

Avert thine Eyes!


Not today, ladies!

Here are the links to those videos:

A Short History of Fitted Armor: Episode 3

Codpiece Facts

Below are some sources I used on this week’s video. Learn stuff!:

“Codpieces and Syphilis in the Middle Ages” by Diane Evans

“A Brief History of That Most Delectable of Subjects: Codpieces” by Lady Anastasia

“Henry VIII’s Suit of Armor” photo & description by Kyle Handley

Knossos Fieldnotes by C. Michael Hogan

Keep learning!

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