Some excerpts from my larger works can be found on this blog by checking the “original writing” tag.

Around the Web

Between 2009 and 2012, I contributed on a regular basis to Fempop.com as a reviewer, news writer, and general commentator: http://www.fempop.com/author/josephine/

There is also my ancient, poorly kept personal blog, the birthplace of Babe in Armor.

Among sundry half-baked and never completed projects are a few historical entries chronicling female warriors on the blog HomeWreckers: http://biahomewrecker.tumblr.com/


In Spring of 2013, I took part in a creative writing class centered around table top gaming. As a class, we created a world complete with locations, items, and characters. At the end of world creation, students were challenged to create their own Player Characters and play through the world using the World of Darkness rule system, and create vignettes from those experiences. We called our world Hellwaukee.

I acted as Game Master for “Group 2.” In the independent GM session, I played Jocelyn “the Fist.” Listed below are vignettes I wrote from our adventures:

  • Hanna is written from the viewpoint of an NPC I invented to rob my party blind, thus moving along their adventure with a motivation: obtain the stolen goods!
  • Jail was the setting of the first GM session. This short chronicles how The Fist got the group out of its first pickle.
  • Hear the Blood Rushing continues the story of the always-on-the-run GM group. It takes place hours after their escape in Jail.
  • There is a Grassy Inlet is a departure from The Fist’s simplistic mind. The protagonist is instead an NPC the GM group met in a bar after their escape.
  • Overboard was a half-baked scheme by The Fist to escape imminent peril.
  • Good Eats, a most delicious adventure in seafaring… fare.

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